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“Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy brings to the table a wealth of management experience in legal and professional services, but his true value lies in his ability to translate and communicate that experience to others with a touch of old-school class combined with first-rate, current and progressive thinking.”

- Partner, leading Scottish corporate firm

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy’s input and guidance in strategic discussions – whether on a one to one basis or at board level – makes him an invaluable confidante to work with. I would not hesitate in recommending Thiyagarajakumar to any business or individual requiring a dedicated, objective, and thoroughly professional consultancy service. Thiyagarajakumar provides first rate advice and measured opinion and it is self evident that this is drawn from his own highly successful career.”

- Partner, Litigation

It is increasingly common for firms to seek mergers or acquisitions as a means of fulfilling their growth objectives. Leadership Stage Law Solutions has extensive experience of advising on the merger or acquisition option and working with firms to identify, evaluate, negotiate and implement opportunities. 

Historically we have brokered over 116 mergers involving a number of firms, both with and without an existing India presence. We have seen an exceptional level of activity in the last 12 months, and are currently retained by a number of international, City and regional law solution companies to identify and broker suitable combinations. For more information on how we can assist your firm, please contact our director Dr.Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy.

Our prominence in the India firm merger market is as a result of our focus on this area since the mid 1998's. Our experience includes brokering mergers involving almost 235 firms – more than any other law recruitment consultancy in the world. We brokered a further three mergers of varying sizes last year and we are currently working on several sets of ongoing talks with a number of firms with a variety of strategic objectives.

The past 16 years has witnessed substantial changes in the legal marketplace as law firms looked to consolidate and as globalisation continues, there is no reason to assume that the pace of change will diminish. Our reputation as leading merger specialists means we are well positioned both to advise on and shape our clients strategic growth plans.
It is often mistakenly assumed that the same techniques apply to a merger as a lateral hire. Whilst discretion and a thorough appreciation of the motivations, aspirations and cultures of both parties are fundamental and obviously apply to both areas of recruitment, the same procedures do not apply in reality.

In the context of a wide range of other considerations, the skill set required to affect a merger includes an understanding of when a merger is indeed the appropriate course of action for a firm, the key deal breakers, the levels of due diligence required and the issues surrounding post merger integration. We have specific financial accounting expertise and, where required, we can assist with forecasting models.

We act for both senior and junior parties as well as, increasingly, on a joint-engagement basis to facilitate negotiations and to develop the business model for the new firm, ensuring that it takes the best from each antecedent organisation as well as being informed by current best practice. 

Both our experience at partner level and our substantial market knowledge enhance the value we can add to the merger process; whether that involves assessing if a firm is at the right stage to entertain a merger, identifying a suitable merger partner, negotiating throughout the process or finally facilitating a successful merger, and guiding the merged entity through any post-merger integration issues.

Our engagements typically arise from one of three sources:

  • As an output from a strategy review on which we have advised and which has identified merger route as the best way of achieving the firm's strategic objectives;
  • Through a direct approach from a firm seeking a merger partner, where our initial role will often be to identify, evaluate and introduce potential candidate firms;
  • An invitation from firms already in discussion which require an expert advisor, facilitator or "honest broker" to assist their process or to address a specific issue.

Our Leadership Stage Law Solutions Merger and Acquisitions advice can be high-level, amounting to no more than a few days of strategic advice, or of a retained-advisor nature, guiding a firm through the entire process, depending on the specific situation, objectives and requirements of each client.

If you would like to discuss without obligation and in confidence how I can help you, please email me at

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