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Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy combines his long and varied experience with a very good sense of humour, which makes him an excellent coach and mentor. He is mindful of the importance of trust in his role, which is vital for any assignment to succeed.”
                           - Group Head, Intellectual Property

“His wealth of experience in building successful businesses, coupled with his straightforward and fearless approach, make him the perfect role model, whilst at the same time his friendly personality provides an accessibility often lacking from other business “gurus”. From my initial involvement with Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy, he has always made himself available to chat through tricky issues and to provide one-to-one encouragement.”
                                    - Partner, Corporate Finance

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy excels in mentoring individuals. His input and guidance in strategic discussions – whether on a one to one basis or at board level – makes him an invaluable confidante to work with. He injects enthusiasm, encouragement and a positive attitude in all matters and his approach is infectious. It makes it a great pleasure to work with Dr.T.”
- Partner, Litigation

The life of a professional can be a rich, satisfying one, but its intellectual, physical and emotional demands are intense.

The greatest demands often have little to do with client work, but with creating the right strategies for the business and ourselves, making successful relationships with colleagues, managing conflict, dealing with personal stress and managing the balance between our business and personal lives.

Professional firms are political organisations, and it is not always easy to be completely open about one’s ambitions, doubts, and personal feelings. We are the first to praise the value of skilled, independent advice when we are giving it, but do not always find it easy to find or take ourselves.

In a 16+ years career, founding a firm which grew from a sole practice to become ultimately a key part of a international giant, I have had to face all of these issues and resolve them for myself and colleagues. Today, I have the privilege of acting as personal mentor and confidante to people in some of the World’s best known firms. Generally, I work with partners, from Managing Partner to newly appointed. My objective, always, is to be a trusted guide and confidante. I bring to this work a reflective, listening ear, all my skill and experience, and total confidentiality. I strive to be empathetic, but also to say what I think and challenge people for their own benefit.

Watching the people I work with develop, become happier, more effective and successful is without doubt one of the most satisfying experiences one can have.

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