Team Development,Talent Management and Facilitation

Team Development,Talent Management and Facilitation Program
It's about leadership, communication, and relationships

Team development and Talent Management are about leadership, communication, and relationships – they are people businesses not a process businesses. Acquiring talent is one thing – getting them to play nicely together can be quite another. While all companies aspire to harness the benefits of a diverse and talented workforce, few have figured out how to leverage the synergies rather than be distracted by the differences.

At Leadership Stage,we understand the complexities associated with aligning a diverse workforce. Navigating multi-cultural, multi-generational groups often requires the ability to close personal, positional, philosophical, and professional gaps. It requires less training and more development, understanding there is often as much value in unlearning as there is learning, and embracing dissenting opinions rather than silencing them. It’s about learning to disagree without being disagreeable – about fearing being wrong, more than being proven wrong.

Top team interventions are very demanding and require the coaches involved to be very much on their game and comfortable when dealing with multiple and often conflicting agendas, and executives who are by definition competent and challenging. The skills of the expert coach are supplemented with world class facilitation skills, a familiarity and comfort in the boardroom and a deep understanding of people dynamics.

Our Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy coaching offers facilitation, development and advisory services to help your organization perform like a well tuned symphony orchestra rather than an elementary school band – both play music, but the former plays it more eloquently, more efficiently, more effectively and more enjoyably than the latter.

The top teams with which Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage India work can be:

  • Main board
  • Executive board
  • Operating board
  • The boards of subsidiary companies
  • Teams of functional professionals
  • Partnership boards

Our Leadership Stage Development Services:

  • Individual, Team & Enterprise Leadership Development Programs
  • Workshops and Facilitation's
  • Corporate Learning
  • Human Resources Advisory Services
  • Board Advisory Services
  • Social Enterprise Design
  • Talent Management & Team Development
  • Executive Development & Coaching
  • Onboarding, Transition & Succession

Put simply, those leaders who fail to develop will be replaced by those who do. Static leaders govern stagnant organizations, while developing leaders lead growing organizations.

We focus on those areas that will give greatest return for you and your business, in the short and long term, often including:

  • Reviewing the top team’s strategic direction and priorities
  • Resolving conflict between individuals and groups
  • Building a new team
  • Developing partnership behaviours across team and stakeholder communities
  • Raising the leadership impact of the top team

Our Leadership Stage Coach Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy spend time with you understanding the business vision, needs and goals, your role in the marketplace, the culture of your organisation, and what steps you have taken to date to bring about change. We also agree with you the diagnostic work that we will undertake. During this time we work closely with the executives leading the team to ensure what we are doing meets their needs.

The inputs to such events include:

  • Diagnostic engagement where the Leadership Stage coach will meet with each participant in advance of the workshop
  • The use of appropriate psychometric tools considered appropriate
  • Bespoke workshop design to meet the specific needs of the top team
  • Real time facilitation of the workshop event with all outputs captured and committed in real time

The outputs will vary but the following are a sample of some distinct outputs

  • Defining a clear vision
  • Clarity on the mission of each team member and the collective mission
  • Agreement on appropriate values
  • Understanding stakeholder and shareholder perspectives with clarity
  • Assessing strategy and defining new purpose and goals
  • Assessing tactics, reviewing what works and what does not work
  • Agreeing the what and the how of leading the enterprise
  • Engaging the top team in joined up leadership
  • Bringing alive the top team as the role model leaders to the enterprise

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