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Leadership Stage Employment Law Solutions can often seem a daunting area for managers and employers, we aim to make it so much easier. We have years of experience in our team, and can assign someone to cater for your companies needs, while supporting individual needs within the company.

If a problem arises at work, whether you are an employer or employee, you need a practical solicitor who knows the tricks and traps. The sign of a good employment solicitor is someone who can get to the commercial cost of a situation quickly and then work out the best and safest options bearing in mind cost, legal and other risks. The years of experience we have accumulated enables us to deliver good solutions across the range of issues.

Areas where we regularly advise both employers (including HR departments) and employees include :-

  • Employment contracts and policies
  • Retained HR Support
  • Dismissals
  • Discrimination issues
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Contract for Services
  • Directors Contracts
  • Transfer of Undertakings Protection ( TUPE )
  • Outsourcing and in sourcing
  • Training and Development on Employment Law
  • Managed Advertising Service
  • Employment Tribunal Insurance
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Tribunal Services
  • Changes to Terms and Conditions
  • Absence Management
  • Health and Safety
  • HR Consultancy
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Advising on employment law, commercial and tax issues arising from bonuses and commission plans, equity incentives, share options
  • Disputes over pay and employment contracts including wrongful dismissal
  • Redundancy, demotions, reorganizations
  • Suspension, grievances and disciplinary actions
  • Issues arising on termination such as restrictive covenants and gardening leave
  • I have been invited to a disciplinary hearing and I need help to prepare
  • I am being bullied at work
  • I am off sick and my employer wants to meet me to discuss this
  • I am pregnant and feel I am being picked on
  • I would like flexible due to childcare
  • I would like to change my working hours or days
  • I have just been dismissed and want to appeal
  • Settlement Agreements

We advise on the Leadership Stage Strategy you need to get in place to be successful.We often deal with senior directors and executives and understand instantly the concerns.

Settlement agreements form a significant part of the work of our employment solicitors and we can provide you with a quick overview of the terms of any termination payment and discuss whether the compensation on offer is good enough. Clients often ask us to negotiate on their behalf but we are equally as able to guide you through the negotiations – we find the way which will work best.

Whom to contact
Why not email us on: - t@leadershipstagelaw.com 

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